Poem -Blessings of God Ganpati

                                                           Hey god ganesha,                                                       End this corona for hamesha,                                                                Let your arrival,       Provide us the strength for survival..                Hey god ganesha,         End this lockdown for hamesha,                  Let your kind sight                 End the daily fight...                    Hey god ganesha,           End this tension for hamesha,                                                                               Let your blessings,                                                                               End our sufferings....                                                                                   Hey god ganesha,                                                                     End this situation for hamesha,                                                                                    Let your wo

Avoid Greed

Greedy Brain 

Let me tell you “No one's born Greedy”, you become Greedy once you enter this world.

Everyone is greedy, proportion may vary from person to person. Our needs demand more than our capability and we become greedy. We start looking for shortcuts or risky ways to satisfy our greed. Greed makes you feel unstable, uneasy and negative. You can avoid greed with patients and smartness.Patients are key to avoid greed.

 Friends many times we see something and get fascinated by the same and start dreaming to achieve it. Yes, there is no harm to dream, but don’t run behind it blindly. Don’t let your dream turn into greed.


Please be happy with your present, to stabilize your future. I have seen people blaming others for their loss, their defeat, their financial crisis, their crime, their present and so on but the truth is you are yourself responsible for your situation.

For example,If you are wining in a particular game, you continue to play it, thinking you will win more, but suddenly you start losing, you go into negativity and play until you win again, but till the time you win again, you lose what you have won before. This cycle continues and at one point you realize that you are left with nothing to participate.

Friends, we need to stop somewhere and strategize the future, even if its victory, as nothing remains constant, segregate the winning amount and term it as your profit, don’t use that amount to play again, Play again with the base amount you started with but decide how much to win and stop as you achieve it, you cannot win forever. Similarly, make sure that you don’t exceed a particular amount even if you are losing, losing amount shall also be pre-decided and must not affect your daily and basic needs. This is smartness to avoid greed.     


If you are tempted to play only because you want to win more or you have lost more, there is a chance to lose more or lose what is being won. Be patient, control your greed as tomorrow you may win what you have lost or add more amount to what you have won.

Like a game, In life also we are tempted for many things, but you have to apply patients and smartness to overcome the same. Many times in life you will be fascinated, tempted, jealous but don’t try to overcome the same blindly. Be patient for your turn, plan things, handle the situation smartly, as nothing remains constant….


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