Poem -Blessings of God Ganpati

                                                           Hey god ganesha,                                                       End this corona for hamesha,                                                                Let your arrival,       Provide us the strength for survival..                Hey god ganesha,         End this lockdown for hamesha,                  Let your kind sight                 End the daily fight...                    Hey god ganesha,           End this tension for hamesha,                                                                               Let your blessings,                                                                               End our sufferings....                                                                                   Hey god ganesha,                                                                     End this situation for hamesha,                                                                                    Let your wo

Six Things To Remember In Life


1)The only  thing that is permanent is change

Change is part of life. From an innocent child you change into young bachelor then a responsible  married person, lastly an old dependable individual.  A change can be good or bad. Change is unpredictable. Learn to accept and adapt to change. Whenever you are in a vast or helpless situation, remember the situation cannot remain the same forever. You will be out of it for sure and back to normal. No need to surrender or panic to any situation as change is bound to happen……

For example, before human being worked to survive and now staying home for survival. Life is valued more than money. People used to blame social networking platforms for creating distance in human beings, but today this distance is necessity to fight against Corona. Social networking platforms are the only source to inquire regarding the well-being of our distant friends and family members connecting people.

2) Take Calculated risk


You need to take risks in life, but must be calculated one’s. Risk in life can help you to achieve success or prove to be a mistake. Even if its mistake, you can learn lessons from the same. Consequences of  risk are uncertain , unpredictable and uncontrollable, but if risk is calculated one, it can be controlled.

Reckless risk can be dangerous. It can affect your life badly and put you in an undesirable situation. To avoid such situation, your risk must be premeditated one. You should plan a strategy to control situation if the risk fails. Your routine life must not be affected due to failure in risk, your personal or professional relation must not be hampered, You must be able to conquer or disregard  the consequences of your risk.

For example, Many times I have noticed people investing money for good profit. But some people tend to invest their hard earned money for profit risking the money required to fulfill their basic and primary needs. In such cases, when people encounter loss, life becomes miserable. Such people blame others or their luck for their loss consoling themselves by ignoring the truth. You should always invest smart and take risks on investigable money. Money that you can afford to lose. This loss should be bearable.

Lust, shortcuts, desire for easy money are the reasons for your irresponsible risk. Gambling must be played for entertainment and not to earn money. Risk should be taken to earn extra money from the surplus amount. A calculated risk never disturbs your basic requirements food, clothing and shelter.

                        3) Don’t Cry over the spilled milk

Your past cannot be changed. Few things are not in your hands. You need to leave things behind with time. You need to move on with life and start living in today. Pleasant past gives motivation and inspire your thoughts. But unpleasant past, brings negativity and interference in your current life.

Most People are unable to move forward in life due to their past. They find it difficult to forget the past. They live in today, but breathe in the past. They are unable to emerge from the wounds suffered in the past.

Such people need to understand wounds caused by past make us grow stronger. You recognize the battling and sustaining capability within you. The Past confronts you with your strength and weakness. When you are aware about your strengths and weakness, you are eligible to understand the best for you. You can utilize your strength to defeat your fear.

Blaming the past for complications in your current life, is nothing but just giving an excuse to yourself. You are the one who decided to take a setback from your past instead of encouragement. The way you smile mesmerizing sweet memories from the past. Similarly, remember the toughness you showed against your spoiled past. Don’t cry blaming your past, leave the negatives behind, take the positives forward and make the best of your today.


4) A coin has two sides


A Judge of a court gives his verdict based on the evidences presented by both the parties(Accused& Complainant).He listens to both the sides and accordingly passes his judgement .Similarly, in life we  are the judge of our own decisions. We need to listen, analyze both the sides and take action accordingly. Personal or professional decisions in life should be taken considering the positive and negatives, advantages and disadvantage, loss and profit. You need to visualize both brighter and darker side before concluding things.

For example, even medicines have side effects. A doctor prescribes medicines on the basis of the allergic history of patient, avoiding any complications in future. The Doctor realizes that a particular medicine may cure the patients faster, but at the same time increase the chance of patients being infected by allergy. We too need apply the same  logic, at times the other side proves better for you.

 Imagine any shape, it has more than one side. A triangle has three sides, a square has four sides and so on. When each and every viewpoint is given due consideration, you have a strong reason and clear vision for your action. To shape your life, make sure you consider each and every side.

                                       5) Time is Money


It’s a common saying that applies in our day to day life. Respect time and time will respect you. Time is precious and waits for no one. You have to take time seriously for success in life. Time must be utilized wisely.

Money is important for our basic needs, food ,clothing and shelter. Money gives you status, luxurious amenities and lavish life. Money makes things easy in life, hence people run behind money. Everyone wants to earn handsome amount through their work.  Money plays a vital role in life.

All of us work for money. The work needs to be accomplished/completed in a specific time to earn desired money. May it be business or job you have to do things on time. Every assignment or module needs to be completed in a particular time limit. You have to Plan and  manage things on time to achieve your target. Your working hours, the time invested in your business generates money for you. Remember, if you are wasting time, you are wasting money.

Time should be utilized smartly. You should allot a proper time for your daily activities. Exercise,  sound sleep, family time, friends time, time for yourself this all is important to maintain work-life balance. If you can maintain this balance, then only you can work, if you can work, then only you can earn. For example, if you do not complete your sleep for minimum 6-8 hours, you will not be able to deliver your best and find yourself sleepy or lazy spoiling your work ,Your decisions in business will be taken in an unstable state of mind. You will be physically present but mentally absent. Likewise, if you do not invest the necessary time on your health, you won’t be alive or physically fit to earn money. Taking out time for yourself is very important to perceive peace, plan tomorrow, analyze the past and earn money for future.

Life’s Journey is unpredictable. Sometimes life demands instant action, whereas at times you need to wait for the right time. You should be able to understand the demand and react accordingly. For example, in an emergency, you need to act prompt, whereas sometimes waiting allows the life to unfold on its own. Making the most of your time will not only earn you good money but also the much needed satisfaction.



6) Hear it straight from the Horse’s mouth.

Information, instructions or advice should always be heard from the horse’s mouth .Medicines should be taken as prescribed by Doctor and not as suggested by some friend or Tantrik. For Information on Trains and their timings  IRCTC site must be accessed or enquiry window of the nearest Railway station must be approached and not an agent or some nearby passenger

 Many times you react and act on the basis of facts received from wrong sources, making things difficult for yourself and others trusting you blindly. You always need to communicate with the primary source for confirmation. Once you get the confirmation, you will never regret yourself for not hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. When you are sure about your information/instruction/advise, definitely it’s going to benefit the intended one and at the same time serve your purpose. Sometimes you are enticed to believe a particular thing because it’s being conveyed through your reliable sources, but always prefer the real source to be confident with things in life.

The best example is forwarding WhatsApp messages without knowing the original source. Forwarding of such fake messages can land you in trouble with the one’s trusting you. We all must obey the lockdown to fight with Corona following the guidelines received from the relevant sources avoiding situation to get worse.



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