Poem -Blessings of God Ganpati

                                                           Hey god ganesha,                                                       End this corona for hamesha,                                                                Let your arrival,       Provide us the strength for survival..                Hey god ganesha,         End this lockdown for hamesha,                  Let your kind sight                 End the daily fight...                    Hey god ganesha,           End this tension for hamesha,                                                                               Let your blessings,                                                                               End our sufferings....                                                                                   Hey god ganesha,                                                                     End this situation for hamesha,                                                                                    Let your wo

Unconditional Love


Unconditional Love

Love is life, love is caring, love is pure, love is soul, love is magic, love is blind, love is rich, love is unconditional

For love gender, caste, age, religion makes no difference. Love is a deep feeling of attraction, affection and emotional attachment. In love, two souls are involved for lifetime. To be special for someone is a divine feeling.

Unconditional love never changes with time, instead proves to be your only strength in difficult times. It is all about giving, caring, loving someone more than yourself, It’s hard to describe.

When your love is Conditional it changes with time and situation. It demands attention, compensation, recognition, ignoring the same leads to feeling of hatred and revenge. You do not need a reason to love someone.

Conditional love is temporary, but unconditional love stays forever. Conditional love is fake and has no future. Unconditional love is the definition of true love, where sky is the limit.


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