Poem -Blessings of God Ganpati

                                                           Hey god ganesha,                                                       End this corona for hamesha,                                                                Let your arrival,       Provide us the strength for survival..                Hey god ganesha,         End this lockdown for hamesha,                  Let your kind sight                 End the daily fight...                    Hey god ganesha,           End this tension for hamesha,                                                                               Let your blessings,                                                                               End our sufferings....                                                                                   Hey god ganesha,                                                                     End this situation for hamesha,                                                                                    Let your wo

Fight with Fear

                                              Fight with Fear

 It's easy to say "Fight with Fear", but difficult to fight in reality. Our daily routine is affected by our thoughts and activities. Fear disturbs your mind and plays with your emotions, you lose your patients due to fear.

At a particular point in life, fear blackmails you, irritates you, makes you feel low and alone. This is the right time to fight with your fear. As you are at a point in life where you have to either find a way out or surrender. Such situations can change or destroy your life, you need to give your best and leave the rest.

When life puts pressure on you, take a deep breathe, remember the one whom you love and care, and act accordingly. Face the fear with guts and dare to fight with the same.

When you fight with fear, you can find a solution and get out of its bondage. Forget the consequences if you lose the battle instead think about the freedom you will achieve on defeating the fear.

Let's assume fear wins the fight, imagine the vast happens, but it cannot end unless you allow fear to do the same. Yes, this will be a big setback for you, but an end to your fear and its harassment. 

Life at times stops and becomes blank, start it again and make it colorful. Every end brings an opportunity for a new beginning, grab it, and make the most of it.

Fear can be tackled by either facing it or avoiding it if there is no option to avoid it, face the fear, and end the same.

Motivate yourself by listening to songs like "Ruk Jana Nahi Tu Kahi Har Ke",

 This is a beautiful song by Kishore Kumar, you can also listen to motivational stories, watch videos that inspire you and provide the required strength to combat your fear.

Remember, there are many inspiring stories of great people & legends who have confronted the vast situation in their life and still achieved the impossible.

Once you conquer the fear and get ready to accept the consequences, you won't be afraid of anything. Avoiding fear is a temporary solution, but defeating the fear can end your concern forever.


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